Other Services


"Success happens when opportunity meets preparation”."

Every success story, whether in business, trading, professional sports or anything else, always is based in planning, in anticipating what needs to happen now to attain success in the future. 

You can also link with us, when you need...
  • Sub-Distributor Agent 
  • Export Agent with Monthly Retainer’s Fee and Commissions 
  • Import Agent with Monthly Retainer’s Fee and Commissions 
  • US Market Expansion Management of Asian Companies/Brands/Products looking into US Market Entry 
  • Distributor Sales Team Training and On-boarding, Coaching Modules 
  • Professional Consulting Services for the following: 
    • Go-to-Market and Business Model Expansion Planning 
    • Business Plan Preparation 
    • Feasibility Study of New Business
    • Operations Manual Preparation for Sales, Distribution, Franchise  
    • Sales Training Manuals